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Our Approach to SEO and Online Marketing

‘It is NOT about Search Engines.

Google warns against SEO agencies that promise #1 in Google Search results.

The company says that ‘no-one can guarantee your rankings’. The same as a solicitor cannot promise you that you will win your case or a doctor cannot say that your surgery is going to be a successful one. High rankings are great, but what do they really mean to your business?

It is important to focus on building great content and make your website visible to your relevant customers. We optimise websites for humans and not just for search engines and this is ultimately what Google expects from all websites. Their more recent algorithm updates known as ‘Penguin’, ‘Panda’ and ‘Hummingbird’ focus on penalising those who want to focus on getting high rankings without creating quality, relevant content for their visitors.

Google base all searches on
'User Experience'.


In other words, ‘How does the user interact with your page when they arrive?’

Do they click to other pages for more information?

Do they click your phone number to call you?


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Indexing Analysis & Recommendations

Index Analysis reviews your website content for potential errors and problems for search engines. We advise how Google see your site and what we can recommend for a sound basis to build from.

Analysis includes:

  • Possible duplicate content (both within your site and other online)
  • Common SEO related code issues like text, image and video formatting
  • Robots.txt exclusions
  • Checking for Toxic backlinks into your site. (Links that have no place pointing to your site and some that may be causing harm to your ranking)

Domain Analysis & Recommendations

Domain Analysis reviews your domain for potential errors.
This includes:

  • Internal linking structure
  • HTML and page layout
  • Titles/Meta Descriptions/Extended URLs

Keyword Research and Analysis

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important parts of successful Online Marketing. While companies often focus only on popular broad terms, we believe that it is much better to target those keywords that have a proven track record of searches and also which are realistic and relevant to your business.
Basic Keyword Research analyses of your main keywords for your targeted audience.

Landing/Product Pages

Landing pages have been a tool used by the online marketing industry for many years but most businesses never make use of them, even though can be highly valuable when you are looking to attract a specific target market.

Landing pages are usually focused towards products and designed to convert the viewer into a lead and make contact with you, whether this be by filling in a quick form on the site or phoning you as a result of being on the site. A conversion might also be considered someone who downloads a free eBook or some other form of marketing collateral you are offering.

The beauty of creating landing pages is that you are targeting specific search requests that people look for in google and in most cases, your opposition won’t know you’re even doing it. Most industries still do not create landing pages on a regular basis so you can usually get great traction within only a few months.

Place Pages

Place pages are similar to the traditional landing pages but are strongly focused on offering your services in geographic locations.

As an example, a mobile locksmith who works out of his van can generally work anywhere so we create place pages in the suburbs that he wants to target and for the services he wants to offer. So in a largely commercial area, he might offer Master key systems and Digital locks and in a mainly residential area we would focus towards rekeying houses, garages and repairing locks.

Look What We Did For Ontime Locksmiths!

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Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work is carried out on a monthly basis. The purpose of this is to continually review, revise and improve your search position as much as possible so that your website receives the qualified search traffic your business needs.

This first step involves working with you to determine the product/service priorities in your business. We look at where you are currently focusing your efforts and if your website reflects that.

On all clients sites we look at the following areas:

Step 1: Key Products/Services

Once we know your key products and services we work out where, geographically and within the market you want to focus online efforts to drive traffic to the website.

Step 2: Technical Build

The next step can involve making changes to the website for relevant keywords and products so that the technical aspects of the site (such as human-readable URLs, meta tags, internal linking, etc.) support those important keywords.

Step 3: Content Formatting

We make sure that content on all pages is correctly formatted for Google and other search engines. We review and make sure keyword are prominently mentioned and linked to correctly across your site. It's common for the review to recommend a number of small content changes to improve on-site SEO.

Step 4: Content

Google and all search engines look for Fresh, Relevant content. The big changes we have seen with Googles algorithms over the past 18 months have boiled down to it viewing quality content as king.

This is why our SEO plans include creating fresh content for your site.

Step 5: Monitoring

The final step is monitoring:

We monitor your site and make sure it is being indexed well (and regularly) by Google.
You can monitor how your site is progressing with Google Analytics code installed (which we can arrange if you don’t currently have it set up). Analytics itself is free and is easily accessible from most tablets and smartphones so you know how things are progressing at all times.

Clients We
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Tradie Marketing SEO Plans

In order for any of this to work your website needs to be designed with conversion in mind. Our experience with website conversion allows us to design and focus your online efforts around generating results.



Pay Six Months in Advance for 20% Off!

Prepaid Six Months


$1,100 / Month

  • Formatting
  • Tweaks
  • Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Google +
  • Inc 5 Focused Landing/Place Pages


$660 / Month

  • Formatting
  • Tweaks
  • Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Inc 2 Focused Landing/Place Pages


$330 / Month

  • Formatting
  • Tweaks
  • Monitoring
  • Inc 1 Focused Landing/Place Page

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Please Note: If a site has not been created by us there may be an initial fee for work to improve the existing site.
These things can include things like:

  • Large amounts of formatting of existing content
  • Assessing, reporting and removing Toxic Backlinks
  • Removal of excessive pages that Google has indexed
  • Creating new pages descriptions, titles and related components
  • General formatting work as pointed out in our discussions

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