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Hear from a Lawyer!

  Get some great insights and know what pitfalls to look for around the structure of your business! Sera Porto-Drew and the team at PGD Lawyers will be presenting a short and informative seminar about asset protection for those starting out in business. Learn what structure is right for you going into business and why. […]

Building relationships online.

  How do your customers get to know you? Do they know all of the services you provide?   Tradies are pretty good at building a relationship with prospective customers face-to-face. Creating rapport is the first step to finding out what your customer’s biggest problem is, so you can sh0w them how you can best solve it for […]

Business Tool number 2. Getting Your Quoting Right.

  This one seems like a no-brainer. And it seems a fairly obvious thing to say. Knowing that you have to get your quoting right, that’s the easy part. The hard part is actually doing it, and being consistent to your quote through the job. In all my experiences with my tradie clients, I have found that […]

Business Tool number 1: Time Management

  Time management is so much more than turning up when you say so; it also means doing the admin bits of your business in a timely fashion. So what’s the problem if you’re running late once in a while? The problem is, if it happens too often, then it looks like you don’t care, […]

Yellow Pages not working for your Trade Business?

  Are traditional forms of advertising not working for your trade business? Many tradies have put up a website, participated in voucher books or put ads in local papers (and not in that order) but most forms of advertising don’t keep working ongoing. The local paper being the ongoing ‘crutch’ that many trades businesses return […]