Business Tool number 1: Time Management


Time management is so much more than turning up when you say so; it also means doing the admin bits of your business in a timely fashion.

So what’s the problem if you’re running late once in a while? The problem is, if it happens too often, then it looks like you don’t care, and that can lead to people thinking that you don’t care about the quality of your work. I know in your mind they aren’t related, but strangely enough, in your clients eyes, being good at managing your time makes you look professional.

Here’s 2 tips you can implement immediately in your business, both of which will make you look heaps more professional in the eyes of your clients, and they won’t cost you a cent.

1) Turn down the work if you can’t do it properly, or you don’t have the time to fit it
You will get a strong reputation for honesty if you are clear about what you can do, what you are qualified to do and show that you care more about botching up my job, than making a quick buck. You should also always ask about equipment you don’t have. Don’t assume that I will provide what you don’t have; ask about it before the job starts.

2) Send your invoices on time; and if you don’t then be prepared to wait for payment

There are a number of ways you can get on top of your invoicing.

1- Invoice as soon as you get back to the office/ back home
2- Set aside one afternoon a week to do all the invoices from the previous weeks jobs

Number 1 really is the best of the lot. I know you’re tired, and it’s likely been a long day, but if you make a habit of doing your invoices every day, then missing one day here and there won’t matter too much. Your cash flow will also improve dramatically.

You also have the added bonus of having less to catch up on into the wee hours of the night when you’re trying to do your BAS at the end of the quarter. Your bookkeeper will love you. Even more so if your bookkeeper is your wife.

Even if you are already using a software package to do your invoicing (and there are lots of options) you still need to set aside some time to actually wrap up the job and send the invoice. Sending them every day, means you never have to deal a huge pile of work at the end of month.

Oh, and trust me on the wife/bookkeeper thing; you doing your own invoices is better than wine or chocolate.


Author: Stephanie Gaddinjustworxs for Tradies

CEO Dolphin Works
Creators of Just Worxs for Tradies


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