About Us


Tradie Marketing is here to offer ongoing marketing for ALL Trades.

Tradie Marketing has expertise in different trades and marketing, particularly online marketing.

Our trade experience spans over 35 years and we utilise the knowledge of multiple advisors across many industries. These advisors can work for you in your local area. The big thing with Tradie Marketing is that you achieve servicing more customers in a shorter time and with minimal travel.

We all know that the job fifty minutes away is a fantastic job that we’ve picked up and are very happy about it but it is slowly chewing into work time, profits and finishing off bits and pieces can become a money consuming extra.


So we do our utmost in keeping you in your desired work area and close to home remembering that we are individually promoting your trade. We keep your business in front of people as they need your services through our Hire a Tradie & Hire a Handyman Networks.

Having us seeking work for you on a steady basis allows you to grow your business at the speed you desire.

Having partners in kind in our network can be of great help in the sense that they cover bookkeeping, insurance, scheduling, accounts (all the things that keep you off the road!)

Our ‘get togethers’ are Tradies Breakfasts where you meet and can network with the other quality tradespeople in your area.

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Please call us to discuss any marketing queries on

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